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    Koffee With DD
    The evergreen format on tamil television! Cool chat over hot koffee with the movers and the shakers of the tamil entertainment industry, hosted by DD..
    Tune in on Sundays @ 7 pm
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    Adhu Idhu Yedhu
    One whole hour of fun with three popular faces as the centerpiece & with one wacky host. A weekly dose of fun, with celebs on set, the motto, be yourself & enjoy the ride!
    Tune in on Saturdays @ 7 PM
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    Andal Azhagar
    This story portrays a village that encloses a beautiful  grassy rural environment with typical south Indian culture.The Story is about the two families, split because of few disputes in their generation. The love and enemity between these two families is depicted in this story.
    Tune in on weekdays @ 7:30 PM
  • Connexions-SP.jpg
    Its a fun show where the competitors compete to become a "MASTER CONNECTOR". A game that tests how you think rather than what you think.
    Tune in Sundays @ 1 PM
  • Jodi-7.jpg
    reality, celebrity, dance, contest, competition, couples, 
    An innovative show format that has challenged the participants and enthralled viewers. Which of the finalists slugging it out will win the title? Who will miss the proverbial step? #Jodi 
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    Kitchen Super Star
    reality, celebrity, cooking, competition, contest
    The first ever culinary clash in the history of Tamil Television where Famous people make Fabulous food. It's Tamil Nadu's largest, most uncompromising cook-out. A hot favorite with desi food fanatics all over, #KSS is in it's third season now. 
    Saturdays @ 8 PM
  • Mahabharatham
    fiction, mythology, epic, religion, spirituality
    The epic saga of blood brothers at war. Indian mythology's greatest battle unfolds in living color in a multi-crore production that will both baffle and enthrall. Exquisitely detailed sets and props. Production values that will boggle your mind. STAR TV has left no stone unturned. This is a story a generation will be raised on. #Mahabharatham
    Visit website
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    Naduvula Konjam Disturb Pannuvom
    This is a funfilled game show where four celebrities compete in simple quiz.
    Tune in on Sundays @ 8 PM
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    Namma Veetu Kalyanam
    A sneak peek into celebrity weddings - the preparations, rituals, marital vows, guests, finery, food, fun and frolic.
    Tune in on Saturdays @ 6 PM
  • Neeya Naana
    Neeya Naana
    reality, current affairs, social, issues, societal, talk show, audience participation 
    What happens when two polarised sections of society with opposing views attempt to reconcile their differences? Nobody but Gopinath can keep a discussion like this civilized and productive. Watch the ace anchor work his magic in the show that has become synonymous with his name. Airs Sunday nights at 9. #NeeyaNaana
  • Office
    fiction, office, life, work, romance, comedy, stress, 
    Love, laughs and life: It's all in a day's work at the #Office. The show follows the work and social life of besties Karthik, Vishnu, Raaji and Lakshmi and their colleagues. Teamwork, successes, struggles and challenges. It's all in Office, weeknights at 10.
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    Oru Varthai Oru Latcham Juniors
    A very Novel game show for kids with a simple objective! Just say one word and it is your password to Fame & Prosperity! Hosted by James Vasanthan.
    Tune in on Sundays @ 6 PM
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    Pudhu Kavidhai
    A story of an ordinary girl's extraordinary resolve to reclaim her respect. The show is a reflection of the society we live in, where women often grapple with situations and are forced to tolerate disrespect and ill treatment against their will. The situations may vary; the perpetrators of crimes against women may be individuals from within the family or strangers, but unfortunately, women are often in a disadvantaged situation in the country. Against this backdrop, a truly inspiring and moving story of an ordinary girl who finds the inner strength to deal with the circumstances in her life to transform and shape her reality.
    Weekdays @ 6:30 PM
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    Samayal Samayal
    Exciting recipes, Cooking at its best, with Venkatesh Bhat.
    South India's most watched cookery show is back.. Venkatesh Bhat is with his fav. recipes..
    Tune in on Saturdays @ 2 PM
    Click here for the recipes
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    Saravanan Meenatchi
    fiction, love, arranged, marriage, couple, romance, family, life
    She's simple, opinionated, and adamant. He's well travelled, suave and confident. Will Saravanan follow his parents'example? Will Meenatchi accept his love? Watch the new and young #SaravananMeenatchi, weeknights at 8:30 pm.
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    Super Singer Junior
    kids, reality, music, singing, voice, contest, talent hunt
    They're tiny tots with big ambitions and bigger voices. Their powerhouse performances belie their age and size. Super Singer Junior, the search for Tamil Nadu's favorite voice is back in a brand new season that's bigger and better than ever! #SSJ4 airs weeknights at 9.

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